• Use this calculator only if you are staying overnight.
  • Enter your name, department, event name, dates (use calendar buttons) and 5-digit hotel zip code.
  • Click the Get Rate button.
    • This opens in another tab and lists Meal Rate under M&IE Total.
    • Back on this tab, select that rate, then click Get Dates.
  • Enter payment amount already received, if any.
  • Click the Print button. To save as a PDF, click Print or CTRL+P, then select "Adobe PDF" or similar as your printer.
  • Attach this completed worksheet to the Larimer County Travel/Advance Report (lcfi-47) and submit to the Accounting Operation's Department of Finance.
{{ vm.today }}
Find Rate Opens in another tab and lists Meal Rate under M&IE Total
$ Get Dates
{{ r.City }}, {{ r.State }} {{ r.Zip }} ({{ r.County }})
${{ r.Meals }}

Check which meals are provided by your event.
{{ d }} $
{{ vm.reducedRate * 100 }}% of Per Diem for 1st & last day of travel
Daily rate includes ${{ vm.incidentals }} for incidentals.


$ Print

LCFI-40 (10/18)