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Most of our agricultural projects occur on local farms and includes a variety of tasks. Some examples of projects completed with our agricultural partners include garden-bed construction, planting, weeding, transplanting, and harvesting.

Trail Work

In Larimer County, we have a variety of trail systems and natural spaces that require maintenance. Our crews may perform different types of trail construction and maintenance in these areas. Participants, who work on these projects, learn the art of building a sustainable trails to put their skills into action.

conservation corps hard at workHabitat Restoration

The LCCC enhances and restores the natural habitats through projects such as planting trees, removing invasive species, and managing pine beetle kill trees.


By joining with partners and sponsoring organizations, the LCCC works to preserve critical habitat areas. We believe that it is crucial to educate crew members about conservation methods while empowering them to become environmental stewards.

Home Efficiency Assessments

The Water & Energy Program perform home efficiency assessments as a free service to utility residents of Larimer County. The crews also provide energy conservation education designed to promote behavioral changes in energy efficiency and conservation to the client.