For Young Adults ages 18 and under

discover, compete, win.

Meet Abigail, age 14 - Owner & Founder of Sustainable Living Fair 2.0 - 1st Place Winner of the Fall 2019 Young Entrepreneur Tournament!

With a passion for student-led activism & creating an environment of learning/training for young people to lead & bring about change in the world, Abigail won the top prize of $1,000 on October 23rd, 2019. Her creation The Sustainable Living Fair 2.0 will offer expert-led workshops on sustainable living practices that will encourage advocacy for change.

Discover what it takes to make your ideas a business reality in a series of fun, hands-on weekend sessions. Work with veteran business leaders to build a business model you can put into action & compete against your peers to win money (up to $2,200!) to help you start your new enterprise.
YET offers individuals 18 and under an incredible opportunity. No idea is too small, no experience necessary to begin this exciting journey!

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The Details:

· Youth ages 18 and under are invited to participate.

· Training and mentorship will occur over the course of 4 consecutive Saturdays in Spring 2020.

· Participants will develop and refine their business plans with experienced business leaders.

· Pitch your business  plan to a panel of judges and compete for over $2,200 in prize money, including a $1,000 top prize.

· Learn what it takes to start your business and start earning money today!

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Learn more about The Young Entrepreneur Tournament by watching the videos below.