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Gain insight & valuable information to support your youth &/or young adult in their job search for a rewarding summer job.  This bi-monthly newsletter runs from April to August & includes featured employers, job search tips, events, & more.

How can I support my youth & young adult in their job search?


  • Empower your youth to connect with your network.
  • Encourage youth to find something they’re interested in.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Specialist.
  • Register your youth for a job search workshop.
  • Read up on youth labor laws & be informed.
  • Practice common interview questions.
  • Help your youth make time to volunteer to build up their first resume.
  • Prepare your youth for follow up questions i.e. hiring process, timeline, etc.
  • Discuss the questions your youth needs to ask an employer about the hiring process.


  • Call or email an employer on your youth’s behalf. Instead, help them learn to follow up on their own, even practicing what they might say.
  • Go to your youth’s interview. If you need to give them a ride, stay in the car.
  • Limit your youth to fast food positions. There are lots of other options!
  • Allow vacations & family visits to negatively impact their summer jobs. Plan ahead & help your youth discuss time off with their employer well in advance.
  • Complete an application for your youth.  It’s obvious to employers when this has been done.  Instead, create a master application with your youth to help them gain confidence.
Need more information on any of these tips, contact the CareerRise Team at (970) 498-6608.


  1. 12 year olds are permitted to work in babysitting, newspaper delivery, gardening and lawn care, snow removal, golf caddying, and agricultural work.

    View Labor Laws

  2. 14 and 15 year-olds may work in: retail stores, food service establishments, and gasoline service stations. The jobs 14 and 15 year-olds may perform include:

    • Bagging and carrying out customer orders.
    • Cashiering, selling, modeling, artwork, advertising, window trimming, or comparative shopping.
    • Cleaning fruits and vegetables.
    • Clean-up work and grounds maintenance, including vacuums and floor waxers, but not power-driven mowers, cutters, and trimmers.
    • Delivery work by foot, bicycle, or public transportation
    • Kitchen work in preparing and serving food and drinks, but not cooking or baking.
    • Office and clerical work.
    • Pricing and tagging goods, assembling orders, packing, or shelving.
    • Pumping gas, cleaning and polishing cars and trucks (but not including car repair, using garage lifting racks, or working in pits).
    • Wrapping, weighing, pricing, or stocking any goods as long as they don’t work where meat is being prepared and don't work in freezers or coolers.

    View Labor Law

  3. Colorado Department of Labor and Employment updates the minimum wage on January 1st of every year. For current wage data:

    View Minimum Wage Data


  4. Work permits are not required by Colorado Law. Larger companies may ask your youth to provide one of these because they employ in other states. In these instances, an Age Certificate will serve the same purpose.  For more on youth labor law:

    View Colorado Youth Law

  5. The Colorado Division of Labor Standards and Statistics is a state agency that enforces provisions of the Colorado Youth Employment Opportunity Act (CYEOA) and cannot intervene or assist in matters involving the application and interpretation of federal laws.  

    • For complaints involving unpaid wages, use the Wage and Hour Law Complaint Form above.  
    • For complaints that involve hours worked, prohibited occupations, age restrictions, or other non-wage related violations of the CYEOA, complete and submit the Youth Law Complaint Form below.

    View Complaint Form

  6. View a list of local area employers who are known for hiring youth ages 14 +

    Youth-Friendly Employer Listing

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