• Empower your youth to connect with your network
  • Encourage youth to find something they're interested in, and will stick with
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Specialist
  • Register your youth for the CareerRise Newsletter
  • Read up on Youth Labor Laws & be informed
  • Practice common interview questions
  • Help your youth make time to volunteer to build skills on their first resume
  • Prepare your youth to ask questions of the employer (hiring processes, timelines, etc)
  • Help them solve common struggles such as transportation, juggling schedules & appointments
  • Call or email an employer on your youth's behalf. Instead, help them learn to follow up on their own, even practicing what they might say
  • Go to your youth's interview. If you need to give them a ride, stay in the car.
  • Limit your youth to the "typical" first jobs. There are lots of great options out there!
  • Allow vacations, family visits & appointments to negatively impact their job. Plan ahead & help your youth discuss time off with their employer well in advance.
  • Complete an application for your youth. It's obvious to employers when this has been done & makes them look bad. Instead, create a master application with your youth & help them gain confidence!

Need more information? Contact the CareerRise Team at (970) 498-6608 or email careerrise@larimer.org


  1. 12 year olds are permitted to work in babysitting, newspaper delivery, gardening/lawn care, snow removal, golf caddying, & agricultural work. View current Colorado Youth Law Fact Sheet

  2. 14 & 15 year-olds may work in: retail stores, food service establishments & gasoline service stations. To view more specifics, visit the State of Colorado Youth Law Resource Page


  3. Encourage your youth to start building early work experiences through self-employment & volunteer work. Make sure they are educated about youth labor laws & develop strong job search tools! Here are more Job Search Resources for Ages 14-15

  4. Colorado Department of Labor & Employment updates the minimum wage on January 1st of every year. View Current Minimum Wage

  5. Work permits are not required by Colorado Law. Larger companies may ask your youth to provide one of these because they employ in other states. In these instances, an Age Certificate will serve the same purpose. Click HERE for more information on this including how to request an Age Certificate.

  6. View our Youth Friendly Employer List to gain ideas on employers that hire in our area along with their advice for youth on how to get noticed. This is not an extensive list by any means! 

  7. We screen publicly posted jobs each week for entry level opportunities and share this list on our CareerRise Facebook Page. You can also register with Connecting Colorado.