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Fort Collins Economic and Workforce Development
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Kate Flattery

Kate Durkin

CareerRise Specialist

(970) 498-6082 |
Kate supports all job seekers ages 14-24 out of both the Fort Collins & Loveland offices. She is also the first point of contact for school partnerships.

First Job: Hostess at a golf course restaurant

How did you end up here? I worked through school in various service positions as a food server, landscaper, & phone surveyor. For several years, I worked as an Employment Specialist helping newly arrived refugees & immigrants find work in the United States. I enjoyed the work & jumped at the opportunity to join the CareerRise Team!

What do you love most about your job? I love being able to work in the schools, preparing youth for employment, & motivating employers to hire qualified youth. 

Perks Outside Work: Hiking, baking cookies, running, painting, & rock climbing.

Funny Quirk: I organize just about everything in rainbow order!

Dan Gagnon

Dan Gagnon

CareerRise Specialist

(970) 498-6085 |
Dan supports the inCompass program out of the Fort Collins office.

First Job: Rental Technician at a Ski/Snowboard shop

How did you end up here? I started working as Athletics Director for the Boys & Girls Club & substitute teaching in the Poudre School District before landing a job helping refugees from Burma & Somalia find employment in Northern Colorado. This lead me to Economic & Workforce Development here in Larimer County where I worked for over two years with adult job seekers facilitating workshops & providing job search consultation before joining the CareerRise Team.

What do you love most about your job?

Perks outside of work:

Funny Quirk: When I sit down for a meal I tend to eat one food at a time until it’s gone, rotate the plate & move on to the next food. I eat the food I like least first & the food I like most last.

Monica Gingerich

Monica Gingerich

CareerRise Specialist

(970) 498-6631 |
Monica supports the inCompass program out of the Fort Collins office.

First Job: I was a hostess at Red Robin. Being at the bottom of the food chain, part of my job was getting into the giant robin costume & parading around the restaurant, scaring the young children.

How did you end up here? My first job out of college was working as a Social Worker in London, England serving young people placed in long-term foster care. Following that adventure, I went back to graduate school to focus more on counseling & career development. A stint at the CSU Career Center & an internship at Project Self-Sufficiency led me back to my passion of working with youth here at Larimer County Economic & Workforce Development.

What do you love most about your job? The best part of my day is getting to be there when the light bulb kicks on for a young person when he/she realizes just how much they have to offer, & all they can achieve given the right support. I get to help people discover their calling!

Perks outside of work: Spending time with my kids & the outdoors! Camping, hiking & working in our yard. Inside I’m always reading a good book, coloring with my daughters, or surfing the internet to gain house project ideas.

Funny Quirk: I have this ‘thing’ with odd numbers. The volume # or station in my car or at home have got to be on an odd number. If I’m in someone else’s car, I have to fiddle with the controls until they’re set just right.

Sandra Jackam

Sandra Jackam

CareerRise Specialist

(970) 498-6635 |
Sandra is the team’s internship and business coordinator.

First Job: Dishwasher at a Chinese Restaurant. None of the kitchen staff could speak English & they listened to Madonna all the time!

How did you end up here? I put myself through college while working as a human resource assistant at a plastics manufacturing plant. After graduating, I taught high school Spanish for a school year then spent the summer working in a Career Lab at an Ohio Economic & Workforce Development. For an adventure, I moved to Mexico & spent a year teaching English as a Second Language.  After returning to Ohio, I started working for the local county Job & Family Services in the child support department. Due to an itch to move out west, I landed a position with Larimer County Child Support where I came across the opportunity to work in Larimer County’s Economic & Workforce Development. I jumped at the chance to join this amazing team!

What do you love most about your job? Everything! It is exciting to work at a job where you can have a positive effect on someone’s life & your co-workers are passionate about what they do!

Perks outside of work: I love to run, bike, hike & other such exercise torture. I also love to read, listen to live music & create mosaic art.

Funny Quirk:When I don’t know the words to a song, I just make them up. I am really bad at it. I also like to add my own flare & vibrato to my singing. This usually results in the radio being turned up louder or a strange look from whoever is in my presence.

Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston

Workforce Development & Training Manager

(970) 498-6624 |
Mark oversees and supports all CareerRise programs.

First Job: Cashier & Clerk at a local video store in Illinois.

How did you end up here? I knew that I wanted to work in a career where I had an opportunity to help people believe in their abilities & achieve success, whatever that success was. My careers have been diverse ranging from wilderness trip leading with youth, to providing employment & career counseling services. I currently enjoy supporting our youth & adult training teams as the program manager.

What do you love most about your current job? Lots of things! To name one, I would say I love having the opportunity to create employment & training services for people that truly make an impact. We are constantly adapting & changing to provide the best services possible.

Perks outside of work: On the weekends you’d find me with my wife & two boys doing something active. We might be hiking or biking, spending time in the garden, playing soccer or baseball, or cooking an allergy free dinner or desert in the kitchen.

Funny Quirk: I’m a fantasy baseball geek & I crunch player statistics daily. My staff know that I speak in metaphors to get my point across.

Nicole Surber

Nicole Surber

CareerRise Specialist

(970) 498-6634 |
Nicole supports the inCompass program out of the Loveland office.

First Job: I cleaned/stained windows at a company that made imitation stained glass…I left each day smelling like mothballs.

How did you end up here? I went to Colorado State University where I majored in Human Development & Family Studies. While I was in school, I did an internship at Turning Point working with at-risk youth. Shortly after college, I started at Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development. I held a couple of different positions within the department before landing on the CareerRise Team!

What do you love most about your job? I love helping youth and young adults discover their strengths and talents and using them to market themselves to employers through resumes, etc. Its’ the best when the young person is able to step back & see how great they really are!

Perks outside of work:  When I'm not at work you'll find me with my 2 kids and husband. I love spending time with friends & family, working out and shopping. We've been spending most of our weekends lately working on house projects.

Funny Quirk: I have to have “equal opportunity” for my body. If something happens to one side of my body, I do it to the other side to even it out. Example…if I touch something cold with one hand, I have to touch it with the other as well. Balance is blissful!


Maelly Oropeza

Maelly Oropeza

Program Manager, Larimer County Youth Conservation Corps

(970) 498-6660 |
Maelly oversees and supports the Larimer County Conservation Program.

First Job: Worked at a dry cleaners.

What do you love most about your current job? My job requires me to play in the dirt (trail work) & hike in some of the most beautiful places in Colorado.

Perks outside of work: Traveling to see live music, anything that involves a bicycle, basketball, & playing Star Wars with my boys.

Funny Quirk: I have over 30 pairs of shoes. I really think that might be a low estimate. I hate roller coasters!! My brain constantly counts patterns & things. FYI, there are 22 rows of overhead lights.

Rachael Bahre

Rachael Bahre

Development Associate, Larimer County Conservation Corps

(970) 498-6660 |
Rachael supports capacity building and fundraising efforts for the LCCC.

First Job: I don’t count my first job (retail at a candle shop) as my first, since my second one was way cooler. At age 16, I worked in conservation program on Plum Island in Massachusetts assisting with habitat restoration projects for a summer season.

How did you end up here: Before joining the LCCC team, I participated in four seasons with other conservation corps across the country (MA, ME. VT and WA) performing direct service such as trail building & maintenance, habitat restoration & organizing volunteers. After finishing up a season with EarthCorps in Seattle, I accepted a role as an AmeriCorps VISTA to assist the LCCC with capacity building through fundraising & program development. I spent two years in that role and in April of 2014, became a full-time staff member.

Since expanding upon my corps experiences, I have passionate about supporting youth development, sustaining local conservation efforts & instilling community service practices among younger generations.

What do you love most about your job: My favorite part about my current role is progressing three pillars of our program (individual development, environmental awareness & community engagement) through fundraising efforts. In addition, I enjoy watching corpsmembers cultivate their own appreciation for the natural world while gaining a sense of ownership for their community.

Hobbies outside of work: I LOVE to read & cook – my chili recipe is famous. When I’m not inside, I like to run, hike, camp or backpack.

Funny quirk about me: I’m usually in the middle of 2-3 books at any given time. Also, I miss the rainy days of Seattle since Colorado’s relentless sunshine makes me feel guilty about staying inside to read.


Amber D'Aloia

CareerRise Intern

(970) 498-6652 |
Amber supports CareerRise out of both offices.

First job: Hostess at Old Chicago 

How did you end up here: I am currently a senior at Colorado State University studying Human Development and Family Studies. I am interning with Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development while taking my last semester and super excited about this opportunity!

What do you love most about your job:  I have not been apart of the CareerRise team for long, but I adore how inviting and welcoming the team is. Everyone is very easy to work with and very flexible on where my interests lie. 

Perks outside of work:  I love to exercise and go to the gym, as well as, find time to explore nature with my friends.

Funny Quirk: THINKING ON THIS!! 

Haley Moore

CareerRise Intern

(970) 498-6652 |
Haley supports CareerRise out of both offices.

First job: Busser and hostess at an Italian restaurant

How did you end up here: I am currently a senior at Colorado State University studying Human Development and Family Studies and while finishing up my degree, I landed an internship with Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development.

What do you love most about your job:  Although I just started with the CareerRise team, I can already tell how passionate everyone is about the work they do. The services offered by CareerRise make a major difference in our community by helping others find opportunities and pursue their goals.

Perks outside of work:  I am super interested in health and fitness and I love to be outdoors. I try to spend as much time as I can in the mountains and I also have a huge passion for traveling and seeing the world.

Funny Quirk: People seem to not enjoy cleaning or organizing, but I love it! When I feel stressed, or just have free time, I love to reorganize anything and everything!