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LCEWD is committed to offering reliable, timely service to our customers.  You can count on us to provide services by phone, email, and online.  Contact us at:

COVID-19 specific resources:


  1. Do you need information on community resources?  Check out the United Way Resource Lists at

    Contact your coach for up to date information on community resources (food, shelter, childcare, counseling, advocacy).

  2. LC WorksDepartment of Human Services (DHS) information:

    Report changes to income, new sources of income (both earned and unearned), changes in household composition and/or if you move to DHS by the 10th of the month following a change. You can do this by these methods:

    Send an e-mail to report changes or request information to

    Call the Benefit Information Center (BIC) at 498-6300.

    Report changes and check the status of your case on-line through PEAK at; you will need your case number which starts with “1B”.

  3. Have you created an account on Colorado PEAK?  You can access information on your benefits if you do:  Click on this link to learn more and/or set up an account:

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