Are you trying to advance your career in Information Technology (IT) or Advanced Manufacturing (AM)?

If you already have some skills and experience in either IT or AM, the TEC-P program may be able to assist you with funding for additional education, training or credentials.

Long-term unemployed or underemployed job seekers coming from the fields of IT or AM may be eligible for scholarship funds.  These funds are intended to assist the job seeker with gaining the appropriate credentials so they can re-enter their field and become more competitive for occupations in their industry.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be a US citizen or eligible to work in the US.
  • Possess a least a High School Diploma or GED and some post-secondary education and/or work experience that has allowed him or her to work in the IT or AM industry sector at a mid-to high-skilled level.
  • Long-term unemployed (27+ weeks total time of unemployment) OR currently employed in a position of lesser pay, hours, or responsibility than their previous primary occupation (i.e. underemployed).

Please note: Eligibility can only be determined after an application has been submitted.

For further information or to obtain an application, please contact a Career Transition and Training Team Member at (970) 498-6694.