• The LCWC is open to anyone who is looking for employment and any businesses needing assistance with hiring, retention, labor laws, etc.
    • For specialized Other Services, certain eligibility requirements must be met.
    • Job seekers can register at www.connectingcolorado.com anytime from home or you may use our computer lab.
    • For job seekers who are not computer oriented, you may set an individual appointment with an Employment Specialist.
    • All claims must be filed online or by telephone.
    • Please refer online to the "Unemployment Self-Service Resource Guide " by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.
    • Our public computer labs are available for online filing.
    • It is required that you also register with the Economic and Workforce Development at www.connectingcolorado.com once you have applied for Unemployment Insurance.
  1. There are resume templates available on the lobby computers. If you are not comfortable using the template and would like more guidance, you can sign-up for a Resume Workshop or schedule an individual appointment with an Employment Specialist.

    • Yes, we have many different workshops that are free to the public. Please check the website calendar or view our online Workshop Index to self-register.
    • If you are here for a workshop, just check in at the Front Desk and you will be directed to the classroom.
    • Please write down the number and go directly to www.connectingcolorado.com to look up the information.
    • If you did not write down the number, we will ask you for your social security number, so that we can refer back to your registration to determine what job you were called for.
  2. Professional Guidance and Assistance with the following:

    • Posting your job
    • Computerized matching and referral to qualified job candidates
    • Layoff Assistance
    • Monthly Business Seminars
    • Office space to conduct interviews and testing
    • Job Fairs
    • Labor market information