Are you looking for a new career or unsure about what your next career move looks like? The Career Exploration workshop can help! Participants will take assessments to clarify their career interests, skills, and values. Participants will also learn how to connect their assessment results to industries and occupations that match those results.

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Career WOW for Job Seekers

CareerWow! is a self-directed online career toolkit designed for both active job seekers and employees who are interested in advancing with their current employer

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) certification process ensures that Coloradoans and customers in WIOA programs (i.e., Adult, Dislocated Worker) can find quality training programs that provide credentials upon completion.

Follow the steps below to apply and have your training programs and/or courses ETPL certified and recognized as granting credentials for WIOA programs.

  • The training provider must be licensed, registered, or otherwise legally exempted by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private and Occupational Schools or other oversight agency *Link Below
  • The training provider must list its programs and/or courses on the Eligible Training Provider List(ETPL).
  • Complete and submit the application to request ETPL listing for any trainings *Link Below

Contact Christa Menning at
(970) 498-6639 or
with any questions about the ETPL certification process.

IF you are a customer seeking training and would like to research training programs in Colorado, click here:

Career Coach (EMSI) is designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training.


With jobZology™ your career search can be happier, more fulfilling and less painful. Most people need a little help finding a path to where they belong. Let jobZology help you find that place where you will feel like you fit.

Labor Market Information Data Industry brochures provided by Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s LMI for the following Industries:


Skillful is a new skills-based online platform that values people’s skills, not just degrees, and supports lifelong learning in today’s rapidly changing economy. Job seekers can now use Skillful to connect to employers with well-paying jobs and educators who can help them acquire new skills and advance their careers.

Where are the Jobs? Labor Market Information for Larimer County 2016-2017

This Labor Market Information (LMI) can be used to help you better understand the market in Larimer County.  These reports were pulled from EMSI and include data for Larimer County only. This current set of reports is looking at projections for 2016-2017.

Reports provided:

  1. All Occupations by Openings: Comprehensive list of all occupations with projected annual openings of one (1) or more.
  2. All Occupations by Entry Level Wage: Same list as above, except organized by wage rather than openings.
  3. Top Occupations by Openings: This list filters the top 10-15 occupations by Projected Annual Openings in each occupation opening.
  4. Occupations with Wages of $13+: This list features only those occupations with an entry level wage of $13 or more.
  5. Occupations not requiring a High School Diploma or GED:This list does not require a High School Diploma or GED.