Today the Board of County Commissioners proclaimed May 9 - May 15, 2021 as Economic Development Week.     

Economic development is a partnership with many allies that cultivate and support businesses, helps create, retain and expand good jobs and build a more inclusive economy.  

The Proclamation

WHEREAS, economic development professionals in Larimer County work together to strengthen our economy by unifying organizations and government leadership involved in economic development to promote a shared vision for developing vibrant communities and improving quality of life; and

WHEREAS, economic development promotes economic well-being for communities and individuals by helping to create, retain, and expand good jobs that generate wealth and provide opportunities for upward mobility; and

WHEREAS, economic development is a partnership with many allies that cultivate and support entrepreneurs and small business owners who help to create the next generation of new businesses, drive innovation and add to the unique vibrancy of the region; and

WHEREAS, economic development recognizes the importance of businesses, large and small, and the valuable contribution they make to the local economy and is committed to providing businesses an environment in which they can recover and grow; and 

NOW, THEREFORE, we the Larimer County Board of Commissioners do hereby recognize the efforts of the Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development Department, our regional economic development partners, all businesses in Larimer County, and participants in our workforce and reaffirm our commitment to economic development in Larimer County by proclaiming May 9 - 15, 2021 Economic Development Week.

How We Are Celebrating

Supporting small businesses

Why support small businesses? Small businesses are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors! When you invest your money in a local small business, a higher percentage of that money stays in our community. These local small businesses are more likely to be involved, responsive, and accountable to our local communities. Did you know small businesses in our communities have created 65% of net new jobs, since 2000?

Make supporting small businesses part of your everyday routine!

How you can support small businesses 

  • Write a review for them on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Letting others know of your experience can help the business establish their reputation!
  • Follow and engage with them on social media. Like, comment, and share their posts and don’t forget to tag them when you’re talking about them on social media!
  • Sign up for their email newsletter. It’s easy to stay in the know, even if you haven’t visited the business recently.
  • Stop by the store to say hi and how much you appreciate them.  A little thank you goes a long way!