Workforce Efficiency


% of working Larimer residents who earn $3,333+ per month (2015)
Proportion of these workers who have Larimer based employers
3 of out 5
What is this measure? This represents the proportion of people who work for a Larimer-based employer location and also live in Larimer County. The data is from the Census Longitudinal Employment Dynamics program. This data set links the payroll address of the employee to the address of the employer and covers most employees.

Why do we track this? Having both a strong resident workforce and healthy levels of worker exchange with neighboring communities helps employers recruit and retain local talent. Having a very low workforce efficiency might suggest a mismatch between resident's skills and employer needs, or it could signal quality of life issues such as wages, cost of living and other reasons that prevent workers from living near their jobs. A very high efficiency might indicate a lack of job opportunity in neighboring counties or transportation difficulties that prevent worker exchange.
What portion of each county's workers both work and live there? Downward trends could indicate either increased opportunities and connectivity out-of-county, or in-county conditions that make seeking outside work more attractive or more necessary. Upward trends could indicate increases in jobs that match local skills or a good match between local cost of living and local wages. On its own, this measure can't be considered positive or negative: it has to be combined with other data and local knowledge.
Where do workers go? There is considerable worker exchange between the nine counties in our comparison group. This chart additionally includes Broomfield as a destination. Mouse over each line of flow to see numeric details.
Why did we use this source? This is the most comprehensive public data source for examining the relationship between the areas in which workers live and where employers are located.

What are some limitations to this data source? This data doesn't necessarily represent commutes: some portion of workers may telecommute, work at a satellite location that doesn't have its own payroll identity, or have other work arrangements.

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