Educational Attainment of Population Ages 25+
Associate degree or higher:
Bachelor's degree or higher:
Colorado's communities typically have a larger population with some kind of post-secondary degree than the U.S. as a whole. Larimer is no exception to this trend.
What is this measure? This is the percent of total population age 25+ who have at least earned the degree specified.

Why do we track this? Educational attainment is an important demographic to businesses looking to relocate to a region or establish a new location within a region for two reasons: 1) workforce -- will there be workers with the appropriate training and education to fill specific jobs? and 2) identifying market segments -- is their product or service needed or desired in this region, based on demographic variables such as income, education and lifestyles of residents?
Click on each legend item to hide/show a topic. Overall, the Colorado communities have a highly educated population, the vast majority of residents age 25 and older have graduated from high school and likely have completed some kind of post-secondary education.
This chart compares estimates at the city/town level. In Census data, smaller populations can have a very large margin of error due to the small sample size. It is important to consider the role of this error in the estimate when making comparisons between two locations. the 90% CI is shown in the charts above.
What are some limitations to this data? Educational attainment doesn’t speak to the actual types of expertise residents have gained through their educational experience. Alone, it is a very coarse proxy variable for market segmentation purposes.

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