On-time High School Graduation Rate


What is this measure? This is the percent of students in the three Larimer school districts who graduate from high school within 4 years of the end of 8th grade. The information is reported on a per school and per district basis by the Colorado Department of Education.

Why do we measure this? A high school credential is often a pre-requisite for accessing many occupations and training programs.
This only includes students who graduated 4 years after beginning high school. Student count methodology is detailed on the Colorado Department of Education web site.
What are some limitations to this data? This only looks at the four year diploma rate. There are many reasons that a student might take longer than four years to graduate. Some of these include enrollment in 5 year programs (such as Ascent), having an IEP that supports remaining in high school for more years, or experiencing illness or another extenuating circumstance that causes a student to need more time to complete their education. Additionally, this does not include “completers”, who include both students who decide to earn their high school equivalence instead of pursuing a diploma and students who receive a completion certificate. Completion certificates are issued only when the best educational path for a specific student will not end in meeting 100% of diploma requirements. This data only includes public school students.

Why did we use this source? The Colorado Department of Education assembles and shares this data using a standard format for all school districts within Colorado.

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