Average SAT Score


What is this measure? All Colorado high school juniors are provided with the opportunity to take a college entrance exam. The SAT has been used since 2017. Prior to 2017, the ACT was used.

Why do we track this? Test scores provide one measure of student readiness for higher education opportunities. However, test score provide only a narrow measure of student achievement.
Colorado recently began using the SAT and PSAT as statewide assessments.
What are some limitations to this data? As of 2016, 8 states required their students to take the SAT. Most students in the U.S. have to pay a fee to take the college entrance exam. Because of this, Colorado system-wide scores are not directly comparable to other states, districts, or schools where the SAT is required. In places where the test is not required, students who opt-in are generally considering college and may be more likely to have engaged in specific test preparation activities. Also, the Colorado scores reported by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) relate to a single test taking activity. Students may choose to pay a fee and take the test multiple times to improve their scores, but this will not be reflected in the values reported by CDE.

Why did we use this source? The Colorado Department of Education assembles and shares this data using a standard format for all school districts within Colorado. Colorado also administers standardized testing products in grades 3 - 11. More information is available through CDE.

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