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Rank: 3rd of 7 MSAs
Fort Collins MSA Percent of Colorado's Total Exports (2017)
Colorado companies export a range of products. Commerce Dept. estimates only includes merchandise exports. Regional exports differ because of the size of the metropolitan areas (higher employment and thus total productivity) and also the regional strengths.
What is this measure? The U.S. Department of Commerce tracks exports from the U.S. to other places in the world. This is the value of international merchandise exports from goods produced in our region.

Why do we track this? Exports bring outside dollars into our region. International exports are an important part of the U.S. Economy.
This chart shows the value of exports in real (not inflation adjusted) U.S Dollars over time. Click on a legend item to show/hide a specific MSA's time series.
The types of merchandise exported to international markets varies across regions. The types of merchandise exported from these regions to other U.S. areas is not shown here.
Why did we use this source? This is publicly available data produced by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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