Patents Issued per 1000 Workers


Rank: 3rd of 9 counties
What is this measure? This divides the number of utility ("invention") patents issued per year by the annual average employment estimate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics QCEW program multiplied by 1000. Here, patents are used as a proxy for business innovation and normalized by size of the area's economy (represented by number of jobs).

Why do we measure this? Patents are issued for innovative new products or processes.Innovation is required for businesses to stay competitive.
This chart shows the patents issued per 1000 workers in a specific year for 9 Colorado Counties, the entire state, and the U.S. over multiple years. Areas with a larger tech company and university presence stand out in this group. Our county has a higher patent count per 1000 workers than Colorado or the U.S. Certain types of products are more likely to be patented than others. Metropolitan areas with research institutions (like universities) and regions with a relatively large manufacturing or technology segments will likely see a larger number of patents per worker than regions that have fewer Research and Development programs across private industry or educational institutions.

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