The only constant in life is change. Over time, your business may experience transitions which cause stress and lost productivity, and at other times, open the door to new opportunities. If your organization is preparing to transition or lay off employees, it is vital that you make well-informed decisions.

Consider your options and tap into the services offered by the Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development (LCWC) and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).

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LCWC Rapid Response Coordinators

Jackie Tuck

Christa Menning
(970) 498-6639

CDLE Program Representatives:

Karen Hoopes
(303 318-8839

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The Connect for Health Colorado Insurance Marketplace is now available for individuals, families and small employers across Colorado. This one-stop online marketplace includes a customer support network of Customer Service Center Representatives, Health Coverage Guides and licensed brokers to help Coloradans find the best health plan for their needs. Connect for Health Colorado is the only place where Coloradans can find out if they are eligible for income based federal financial assistance.

Visit Larimer Health Connect for a list of Larimer County’s Certified Assistance Site Locations: (970) 472-0444

This  all-volunteer charity helps provide people in need with services and supplies including hearing aids, eyeglasses, bus passes, clothing, daycare, dental, home modifications & ramps, vans, auto/van modifications, prescriptions, medical equipment, supplies, procedures, mobility equipment, wheelchairs, prostheses, assistive technology, food and gasoline.

In most cases, employers are required to continue group health coverage for 18 months after separation. Employers are not required to continue to pay into the dislocated worker’s health coverage, which may result in higher premiums for the individual.

Compare addition health insurance options at the websites listed below.

Colorado minimum wage, labor law for youth and other labor law information.

The Work-Share Program offers an alternative to employers who are considering a reduction in workforce. Employers may be eligible to reduce and “share” employee hours rather than layoff. To compensate for the reduction in hours, employees may receive part of their regular unemployment benefits.

Rapid Response is a pro-active, business-focused, flexible strategy designed to respond to layoffs and plant closures. Rapid Response coordinators from the LCWC and CDLE work with employers to provide services to affected workers.

Services Include:

  • On-site transition information session and job search workshops.
  • Information for the business related to the Unemployment Insurance Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification (WARN Act).
  • Information on job search, Unemployment Insurance, and community services available to employees.

Unemployment Insurance through the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) provides temporary and partial wage replacement to workers who have become unemployed through no fault of their own.