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Presented by: Paulette Hansen, The Neenan Company 

People most often avoid workplace conflict. Then resentment or resignation builds or harsh words are spoken.  The outcomes are destructive, as relationships are damaged and nothing gets resolved.

During this session, participants will examine their own conflict management patterns and recognize how to use constructive responses to conflict. And they'll explore a variety of conflict resolution strategies.

 Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • To identify patterns of predictable responses to conflict

  • How to create safety in crucial conversations

  • The necessary steps for effectively saying what's on your mind

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Whether you are looking to develop a pipeline of enthusiastic employees or build exposure of your company and your products, this workshop will provide tools and strategies for developing an effective program of tours. 


This workshop will provide steps for building a practical internship program. Learn how to identify positions and mentors, pursue and secure management approval, discover and address legalities, and create a plan for finding interns. Ask questions of local business leaders about how they worked through this process to make their internship programs successful. 


Instructor: Jana Sanchez, Trebuchet Group  

In today's fast-paced environment, organizations must quickly find optimal solutions to the challenges they face. It's up to leaders to create an environment where their teams can discuss conflicting ideas, values, and outcomes to uncover the best possible solutions. This can be daunting—if discussions take a confrontational turn, productivity and morale can deteriorate and lead to poor team performance. It may be counter-intuitive to think that to achieve a high-performance organizational culture we need to increase organizational conflict. How can you and your team be sure your discussions will improve team dynamics? Jana Sanchez explores ways of encouraging positive, healthy, and productive conflict—allowing organizations to achieve their fullest potential.

After this training, participants will leave with: 

  • An understanding of typical ways that individuals & teams deal with conflict
  • What to look for that indicates a team may be stuck in false harmony
  • Proven strategies for moving to and maintaining positive, healthy conflict
  • A commitment to implement one change to increase productive conflict


This workshop will outline the nuts and bolts of establishing a Registered Apprenticeship and lay out next steps for building a program while sharing resources and connecting your business to ideas and best practices that allow you to make use of this powerful workforce tool. 


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