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Managers often feel pressure from above and below in the organization. Here's a model for increased effectiveness in the "tug of war."

Instructor: Bob Nedbal, Think2Perform

Class Time: (2.0 hours)

Attendance Requirements: Minimum 7, Maximum 15

Who Should Attend? Managers and supervisors As a manager in today’s highly competitive and increasingly complex world, your ability to lead others effectively is critical to your success. You face competing demands and you are asked to accomplish more with less. These realities require your best decision-making as you to accomplish more with and through others. In this session, participants will learn the primary factors in personal and leadership effectiveness, and how to authentically inspire others to bring their best.

Learning objectives:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Leadership Experiences (activity, discussion)
  • Differentiating competencies in leadership: Moral and Emotional Competence
  • Learn a model for personal and leadership effectiveness
  • Create action plans for application of these concepts

LCEWD Office in Fort Collins
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Parental leave is a business reality. A TiLT leave plan helps employers retain top talent as parents focus on their top priority.

Instructor: Jennifer Henderson, TiLT (Talent in Leave Technology)

Class Time: 1.5 hours

Registration Fee: Group Rate $350 (one-time payment for up to attendee maximum below)

Attendance Requirements: Minimum 7, Maximum 16

Organizations struggle with consistent, organized responses to parents needing parental leave. That mismanagement often leads to a variety of other risks to both employee and employer. The TiLT solution teaches actionable, easy-to-use tools to manage parental leave to reduce productivity disruption. And you’ll retain 70% of parents that would otherwise go on leave and not return.

Who Should Attend? HR professionals, business owners, managers

Learning Objectives:

  • To effectively respond to employees who announce they’re expecting
  • The most common dos and don’ts for employers to be aware of when managing parental leaves
  • Plan for success before, during and after parental leave for employees and supervisors

LCEWD Office in Fort Collins
200 W. Oak Street , Suite 5000
Fort Collins, CO 80521


Need more clarity about your workplace communication? It helps to know how your brain processes your workplace conversations.

Instructor: Ariana Friedlander, Rosabella Consulting

Class Time: 2 hours

Attendance Requirements: Minimum 7, Maximum 16

Who Should Attend? Anyone interested in better communication

Ever work with someone that agrees with everything you're saying then walks away and does something completely different? That's incredibly frustrating and confusing (and you're not alone). A Stanford University study found that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark. What if there was a scientific explanation for why verbal agreement does not translate to action?

Learning Objectives: Participants in this workshop will achieve these outcomes:

  • Understand the basic principles of the Neuroscience of Conversation
  • Learn tools to get buy-in and genuine agreement
  • Learn evidence based techniques for building trust

LCEWD Office in Fort Collins
200 W. Oak Street , Suite 5000
Fort Collins, CO 80521


If you’re not finding the right talent, you may not be looking at the right people. This series makes it easier to find, retain and develop the right employees with the right skills.

In today’s competitive employment marketplace, employers need all the tools they can find to identify, attract and keep superior talent.

Participants in this workshop series will work on understanding skills-based selection and onboarding; creating selection guidelines; and drafting potential onboarding training plans

For SHRM HR professionals, this program is valid for a total of 1.5 PDCs for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.

For more information about this and other workshops, please call (970) 498-6665 or email business@larimer.org.

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Instructor: Mike Kohler, Elevate Training Coordinator

People do business with people they like … and trust. That’s why you want your best employees to stay on board.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number one reason people leave their jobs is that they “don’t feel appreciated.” Numerous other studies have polled employees and found that recognition and “feeling valued” often rank above pay.

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • Simple tools and techniques for motivating employees stay with you as a purpose-driven business.
  • How to shape your employee relations with easy, budget-friendly practices.
  • Ways to project your business to customers as a “provider of choice” and to employees as an “employer of choice.”

Windsor/Severance Library
720 3rd Street
Windsor, CO 80550


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