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Economic, Workforce and other Labor Market data helps business and job seekers be better prepared to compete and succeed in dynamic markets. We are happy to help Larimer residents and businesses access the data they need to compete and succeed.

Public Data Sources to Explore

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) – CLDE posts a news release mid-month with the previous month’s jobs data. The Employment Situation news release represents the most up-to-date public data about our overall jobs and unemployment numbers.

Colorado Labor Market Information (LMI) Gateway – Colorado’s CDLE maintains a data portal with county level information on hiring, job postings, occupational wages and employment outlook as well as various industry statistics. The LMI Gateway also includes data release timetables and other economic indictors for Colorado, counties, workforce regions and metro areas.

Colorado State Demography Office (Department of Local Affairs) – The Demography Office publishes a range of historical data and annual forecasts for population, labor force, housing, jobs and Industry Analysis.

Public Libraries –  The libraries in our region have subscriptions to data services that provide demographic and business data. The exact subscriptions vary by library, but each of these services can provide detailed high-quality data at no cost that isn’t generally available to the public.  Many of these resources are available over the internet to library card holders and do not require a trip to a library. Any Colorado resident can join a public library by applying for a card and going in person to verify their identity and to collect their library card. Some libraries offer online library card sign up with immediate temporary access to online resources.

Larimer community libraries with business and career database subscriptions

Other nearby Northern Colorado communities


Our Subscriptions

Our staff can assist with accessing additional resources from subscription-based private databases. We are able to access industry, occupation and wage data, and job posting statistics and research from Emsi and Burning Glass. Please use our data request form to get connected.

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