• Is your business growing?
  • Are you seeking a specialized skill set?
  • Are you interested in finding the best fit for your team?

Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development (LCEWD) offers unique opportunities to connect with entry level and experienced professionals. Consider hosting an intern or customizing a professional on-the-job training for a talented candidate.


What is the Purpose of an Internship?

  • An internship is a planned and structured training experience. The length, schedule, and activities are planned to benefit both the intern and the business.
  • An internship takes place in a workplace for a limited period of time (3-12 months).
  • An internship is a tool to develop the intern’s work or professional skills.
Benefits to Business:
  • No out-of-pocket expenses! All wages and Workers’ Compensation are covered by LCEWD.
  • The business may gain additional productivity and build relationships with potential employees.
Benefits to the Community:
  • An internship often builds a bridge for an experienced, entry-level, or youth worker to participate in the workforce, expanding our tax base and promote a healthy Northern Colorado economy.
  • Interns build relationships and gain current professional skills, which are valuable to businesses competing in our fast paced economy.

Guide to Hosting an Intern

On-the-Job Training

What is the Purpose of OJT?

  • OJT offers partial wage reimbursement to businesses that hire and train new employees.
  • OJT compensates the business for money spent on wages during the training period of a new hire.
Benefits to Business:
  • OJT reduces cost of training a new hire.
  • OJT offers the business an opportunity to train new employees at the work site, alongside your more experienced and trusted employees.
Benefits to the Community:
  • OJT offers laid-off workers an opportunity to build in-demand skills while working and earning a wage.
  • Businesses can select and train local talent to meet their specialized staffing needs.

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