Map of Owl Canyon Corridor from US 287 to I-25 along CR 72 and CR 70Welcome to the Owl Canyon Corridor Project. We hope you find this webpage useful in learning about the area, the completion and adoption of the corridor planning effort in 2008, ongoing safety reviews, and the design and upcoming construction for future road improvements in the area.

Below is information related to the 2008 corridor planning efforts:

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the project on November 17, 2008.

The two mile phase of CR 70 between CR 19 and CR 15 was widened and repaved in 2019.  Design of a next phase of improvements is now underway in 2020.  This phase includes  three miles of roadway widening, reconstruction, and paving of the existing gravel portions of CR 72 from US Highway 287 to beginning of pavement just west of old CR 21.  The two-lane roadway will accommodate 6 to 8 feet wide paved shoulders matching the previously reconstructed phases to the east of CR 21.  Re-alignment of nearly 500 feet of CR 72 at the US Highway 287 approach is also part of the project.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact:

Matt Johnson
Phone:   (970) 498-5724
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