Larimer County has established a signing program that provides identification and directional information within the public right-of-way for public entities and / or private businesses providing services to tourists, travelers and visitors not residing in the immediate area.

The program is comprised of two components:

  • The Colorado State Department of Transportation's TODS (Tourist Oriented Directional Sign) Program for use along state highways.
  • A similar, but slightly more flexible program for use along mainline county roads (major collectors and arterials) in rural Larimer County.

Full Code Language for County Program

Details of the State TODS Program

Overview of the County Program

The program is administered by the same private company that oversees the state program: Colorado Logos, Inc. The program is funded by the businesses and/or entities participating in the program.

Directional Signs Brochure

Eligibility Criteria for the County Portion of the Program

  • Privately owned businesses, groups, or public institutions wishing to participate must meet the following criteria:
  • The destination must be located outside all recognized growth management areas as well as the Estes Valley Planning Area
  • The destination must be open to the general public
  • The business must derive the major portion of its income from patrons not residing in the immediate area (generally described as 25 miles). In the case of non-profits or other public institutions the major portion of visitors need to reside outside the 25 mile radius
  • The destination must be located with 10 miles of a county major collector or arterial roadway
  • The business must be open to the general public at least 20 hours per week.

There is no stipulation on the type of businesses or use that can qualify for the program; any business use that meets the above criteria is eligible. For those businesses eligible to participate in both the CDOT program and the County program, the applicant needs to identify which program to utilize.

Cost for the County Program

Cost for a sign is $250.00 per year. This includes administration, site review, sign construction, initial installation, maintenance, and up to one trailblazer sign (if needed). Additional Trailblazer signs are $120.00 per year. Seasonal closures are $100.00 per season.

How To Apply

Contact Colorado Logos at (303) 462-2320 or (888) 634-5646. A representative will help you with the paperwork and begin the approval process. Please note that requests for signs in new locations will require site visits and an engineering determination of sign location which takes some time.

Additional questions or comments can be directed to:

Rusty McDaniel
Larimer County Engineering


  1. The signs are placed on the closest rural county road with classification of either major collector or arterial. The signs are typically placed a minimum of 200 ft in advance of the intersection, depending on requirements for other regulatory signs.

  2. Contact Colorado Logos at (303) 462-2320 or (888) 634-5646. A representative will assist you in completing the paperwork, and explain the approval process and next steps, including design of business logos for the sign if desired.

  3. A plaque is 48" wide by 18" high. Up to four plaques can be accommodated on one sign assembly (in some locations, more than one assembly can be accommodated at an intersection.) A "trailblazer" sign is used only when additional turns on local roads are necessary.

  4. Either wording or a symbol can be placed on a plaque. A symbol can include either a specific business logo, or a more generic food/gas/lodging symbol.

  5. Requests for eligibility waivers can be made to County Staff. If denied, then an appeal can be made to the Board of County Commissioners.

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Traffic Operations

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