Larimer County, City of Loveland, and City of Fort Collins have adopted the Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards. These Standards apply to the design and construction of new and reconstructed streets within the two cities and within the Growth Management Areas for Fort Collins and Loveland within Larimer County.

AutoCAD (ver. 2014 Original Drawings and Figures

Recently Approved Changes

The City of Fort Collins, City of Loveland and Larimer County Board of Commissioners approved technical revisions to the following portions of the Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards on September 19, 2016. The changes are described in the Proposed Modification Summary Table and the Summary of Proposed changes document and shown in redlined format in the PDF's below. These changes are effective as of September 19, 2016 and they have all been incorporated into the Urban Area Street Standards link: . The changes are described in the Proposed Modification Description and the Modification Summary Table and shown in a red line/strike out format below:

Revisions to Drawings and Figures

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Larimer County has updated the Larimer County Rural Area Road Standards. The new standards became effective October 22, 2007.

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