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Design and Construction Standards for Private Local Access Roads

Hilly road

Rural road construction and building site excavation can be a challenge, particularly in foothills and mountain areas. Larimer County promotes a pro-active approach with citizens wishing to develop rural properties by providing advice and resources to help them during the planning stages of the development. The intent is to help land owners develop their property in such a way that their development rights are respected and the resulting roads and excavations are safe, functional and disturb the least amount of the landscape possible.

One resource for rural road construction is found in the Larimer County Rural Area Road Standards, Appendix G - Design and Construction Standards for Private Local Access Roads. Appendix G defines the minimum requirements and guidelines for design and construction of private roads in Larimer County. These requirements and guidelines address emergency access, proper stormwater design, control of erosion from the area disturbed by the construction, and protection of water quality.

Roads intended to access more than one residence or parcel (multiple access roads) are regulated through Appendix G via a Private Road Construction Permit and final inspection process. At this time, there are no fees for the Private Road Construction Permit.

A Private Road Construction Permit is not required in Appendix G for driveways accessing a single residence (single access roads). Although single access roads are not regulated by the County, landowners are still encouraged to use the guidelines in Appendix G when designing and constructing their driveway. If desired by the homeowner, single access roads can be certified by the County as being built to the minimum standards of Appendix G. This can be accomplished through the same permitting and inspection process as used for regulated, multiple access roads.

Another resource for rural road construction is "The Landowner's Guide to Private Access Road Construction in Larimer County, Colorado". The guide was prepared by Larimer County, the Fort Collins Soil Conservation District, and the Big Thompson Soil Conservation District. It outlines the process of constructing a private access road, including the pre-construction planning phase, various design considerations, and revegetation and maintenance issues.


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