Welcome to Phone Tag's Disabled Veteran License Plate page. The first step is to decide if this option is right for your transaction.

Can I do this?

  • Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran
  • Veteran must appear as an owner on the title
  • Need a Disabled Veteran license plate

If the above applies to you, visit:

What do I need?

What you need:

  • A completed DR 2002, Military License Plate Application
  • DD214
  • Eligibility letter from Veteran Affairs stating the Veteran has a 50% or greater percentage of disability; and the disability is service connected; and the disability is permanent
  • VIN or Title number
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Emission Test (if required)
  • Prepare the required documents as files or photos, then prior to the call please email them to phonetag@larimer.org
  • Credit Card or Checking account information may be required during the phone call (additional charges may apply)

Once you have completed these steps:

Make the call

Call 970-498-7878 (Option 5) to speak to one of our agents

Upon completion of your transaction, please share your experience with us, take our survey at www.larimer.org/tellusmore.

* Note: If you are requested to upload files or photos to complete the transaction,
please email them to: phonetag@larimer.org.

Please include your last name in the subject line.

Only email requested documents for a current transaction.