The Larimer County Elections Department is proud to be the pioneer of the Vote Center Model. Larimer County successfully used Vote Centers for our 2003 Coordinated Election, both the Primary and General Elections in 2004, the 2005 Coordinated Election, both the Primary and General Elections in 2006, and both the Primary and General Elections in 2008.

The success of the Vote Center model has drawn statewide and national interest to this innovation in voting. This page has been designed as a one-stop portal for both election officials and the general public seeking information about Vote Centers.

The Vote Center Model

State Legislation

Senate Bill 153

In 2004, Colorado State Senator Steve Johnson (R-Larimer County) and State Representative Bob McCluskey (R-Larimer County) introduced Senate Bill 153 (SB 153). SB 153 established the legal framework permitting the use of Vote Centers for conducting an election in Colorado. The bill was signed into law by Colorado's Governor, Bill Owens in 2004. Highlights of SB 153 include:

  • Formally defining "Vote Centers"
  • Establishing the authority of County Commissioners for counties implementing Vote Centers
  • Requiring secure electronic connectivity for transmitting voter information
  • Setting requirements based on voter population
  • Requiring the consultation of major and minor political parties
  • Requiring that a county's pilot use of Vote Centers does not occur in a General Election
  • Requires precinct-specific reporting

Vote Center Conferences

Frequently Asked Questions