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The Larimer County Elections Department does not conduct caucus or provide ballots for caucus. Caucus is conducted by the major political parties (Democratic and Republican).

To vote at a precinct caucus, you must be a resident of the precinct for thirty days, shall have registered to vote no later than twenty-nine days before the caucus, and shall be affiliated with the political party holding the caucus for at least two months. Any registered voter who has attained the age of eighteen years or who has become a naturalized citizen during the two months immediately preceding the caucus may vote at any caucus even though the voter has been affiliated with the political party for less than two months [1-3-101(1) C.R.S.].

"In a year in which a presidential election will be held, a political party may, by decision of its state central committee, hold its precinct caucuses on the first Tuesday in February. " [1-3-102(1)(a)(III) C.R.S.]

"Except as otherwise provided by subparagraph (III) of this paragraph (a), the precinct caucuses shall be held on the first Tuesday in March, in each even-numbered year..." [1-3-102(1)(a)(I) C.R.S.].

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Major Political Parties

Minor Political Parties

  • A minor political party may nominate candidates in accordance with sections [1-4-302, 1-4-402(1)(a), 1-4-502(1), and 1-4-802,1-4-1304 C.R.S.].
  • A minor party may nominate candidates for offices to be filled at a general election by petition in accordance with 1-4-802 C.R.S.
  • A minor party may nominate candidates for offices to be filled at a general election by assembly.  An assembly shall be held no later than seventy-three days preceding the primary election. [1-4-1304(b)(I) C.R.S] 

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