Non-Residential Program (Community Supervision)

A client is either directly sentenced to this program, transfers from pre-residential or most typically, transitions after successful completion of the residential program. The client is required to maintain their stability with treatment, residence and employment. A client tends to be in the program long term, until sentence completion. Like the residential program, the client is required to progress through levels of supervision with increasing freedoms and responsibilities. Community Supervision requires scheduled contact with clients living in their own residence. There is on-going crisis intervention, problem solving, medication monitoring and substance testing. Additionally, home visits and individual meetings with clients are required. The primary goal is to assist the client in making the transition to living in the community and completing their sentence successfully.

Non-Res Case Managers

Johnson, Kerri 970-498-7560
Johnson, Melisa 970-498-7526
Legg, Meagen 970-498-7492
Walker, Mindy 970-498-7528
Weeklund, Jessi 970-498-7538