Evaluations Unit

As of 4/26/21 LCCC Evaluations Unit is resuming in-person interviews. Individuals who need to schedule or reschedule their appointments must contact their evaluator or LCCC Admin at 970-498-7512.


Entry into Community Corrections depends on available bed space and specific programming/treatment needs of the client. For security reasons, staff cannot give out specific information about the placement of an individual on the waitlist or the exact date they will enter the program.  Timeframes may differ for residential offenders on the waitlist for specialized programming (inpatient substance abuse or dual diagnosis treatment).  Waitlist estimates will be updated one time per month.

The estimated current waitlist times for sentenced/accepted clients are:


Males:      5-6 weeks

Females:  3-4 weeks


Males:      2-3 months after acceptance 

Females:  1-2 months after acceptance 

Evaluation Process

An evaluation is part of the overall screening process and is a 1:1 interview with the offender and evaluator. Information is gathered about their offenses, history of sentences by the court and supervision, mental health and substance abuse issues, and social history. This interview affords the offender an opportunity to tell their story and provide details of their life. The acceptance or denial of any offender during the screening process is based on a multitude of factors. An offender being successful in our program hinges on their responsibility for their decisions and their motivation to make positive changes in their life.

If referred to Community Corrections by the courts for evaluation for placement, please contact 970-498-7512 or visit the administration desk at 2255 Midpoint Drive to schedule an interview.


Admin 970-498-7512
Danielson, Alex (Supervisor) 970-498-7556
Flynn, Culley 970-498-7523
LaLond, Miguel 970-498-7524
Toal, Kendra 970-498-7567