Notice of LCCC Temporary Closures & Program Changes

The continued health and safety of our staff, clients, and the public is our highest priority.  During this time, the following temporary Closures and Program Changes are in place for Community Corrections (LCCC):

***Updated 8/3/2020 at 9:00am***

1.  LCCC Evaluations moving to Phone Interviews Only:  Starting 3/16/2020, LCCC will only conduct evaluations over the phone. Interviews already scheduled will be changed to phone interviews at the same time where possible.  Individuals who need to schedule or reschedule their appointments must contact their evaluator or LCCC Admin at 970-498-7512 or by email here. The current waitlist for sentenced/accepted clients can be found on the FAQs page

2.  Closure of  LCCC Visitation:  Starting March 13, 2020, Visitation within LCCC facilities has been suspended indefinitely.  The continued health and safety of our clients, staff and the public is our highest priority.  We are closely watching the local situation in respect to COVID-19 and with that in mind we will be temporarily restricting visitors from the community from entering our facilities.  Beginning 3/19/2020 all clients  will have four (4) ten-minute free phone calls per week for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you for your cooperation.

3.  Drop-Off Procedures as of 6/1/2020: for detailed instructions on the drop-off policy, please visit the FAQs Page below. 


*Notice: Beginning August 15th, drop off procedures will be changing. Drop offs will be limited to only those clients on Level 1 and Treatment.  Clients Level 2 and above will not be permitted drop-offs as they are able to leave the facility.  New clients may still receive their one initial belongings drop-off within the first week of entry.

Drop-offs will also be limited to fewer days and times, and will no longer be parceled out according to last names.  Both Level 1 and Treatment clients can get drop-offs on the same respective days.  Drop-off times will alternate between evenings and days, depending on the day.  

The new drop-off times will be as follows:
Sunday - Morning - 0800-0830
Tuesday - Evening - 2000-2030
Thursday - Morning - 0800-0830
Saturday - Evening - 2000-2030  

4.   DRC will resume normal hours, 9:30am-7:15pm starting 6/1/2020. DRC Loveland will open 7/17, open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-5:30. Masks/face coverings will be required to enter DRC.  If there is an indication of symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 clients will be turned away.  Please visit the DRC webpage for more information.


5.  As of 5/18/2020 the AIIM/Wellness Court office will remain open and "cafe" will be running in the morning at assigned times for clients.  Please visit the AIIM & Wellness Court Program webpage for more information. 


6.  As of 6/1/2020 LCCC IRT and STIRT programs will be accepting intakes with a 14 day quarantine period with case management and limited treatment services.  Clients coming from the community will be asked to complete a symptom tracker prior to placement and we are requesting professional transport.   Persons coming from custodial settings will need verification from the custodial setting medical staff that they show no signs of COVID-19 and are being transported by professional staff.  All intakes will be screened for potential exposure and symptoms upon arrival. 


7. Waitlist times:


Males:      2-3 weeks

Females:  2-3 weeks



Males:      3-4 months

Females:  1-2 months

**Please continue to check this webpage for updates on closures and dates of reopening**

CJS Response to COVID-19

For information on Criminal Justice Services' COVID-19 status and steps taken, please visit our Reponse to COVID-19 webpage.

As designed under Colorado statute, Community Corrections works to reintegrate adult felony offenders into the local community. Community Corrections provides the following services in residential and nonresidential settings to offenders: individual and group counseling, life skills training, financial planning and management, and crisis intervention.

Program Contacts

Program Point of Contact
Treatment Programs Michael Ruttenberg
(970) 498-7554
Residential, Transportation or Day Reporting Dana Hersch
(970) 498-7558
Evaluations for Placement and Case Management Alexis Ongley
(970) 498-7566
Department Director Tim Hand
(970) 498-7516

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Per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Larimer County will provide a reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with a disability who need assistance, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship to the County or fundamentally alter services.  Services can be arranged with at least seven (7) business days’ notice.  Please email or call (970) 980-2679 or Relay Colorado 711.  “Walk-in” requests for auxiliary aids and services will be honored to the extent possible but may be unavailable if advance notice is not provided.