The intent of the MHIPS program is to identify and provide services to those individuals that have been arrested with a charge that may be linked to their mental health needs.

  • To provide an alternative to pre-trial incarceration for mentally ill offenders.
  • To reduce jail bed days, and drain on community resources by providing supervision and support to mentally ill offenders.
  • To provide services to mentally ill offenders while maintaining public safety.
  • To provide the seriously mentally ill defendant with a starting point for successful rehabilitation.
  • To assist clients in making and maintaining community support systems.
  • To reduce recidivism among participants by providing appropriate assessment, monitoring, case management, and treatment services through a single community based location.
  • To appropriately identify and evaluate defendants who have a serious mental illness.
  • To assure continuity of care.
  • Primary Axis I diagnosis (other than the primary diagnosis being substance abuse) such as Bi-polar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, etc.
  • May have a co-occurring substance use diagnosis.
  • Axis II disorder, if present, must not be the predominant mental health issue.
  • Issues with maintaining stability in life (i.e. employment, housing, etc).
  • Crimes that can be linked to the defendants' mental health issues.
  • Defendants' that need assistance in connecting to resources in the community.
  • Voluntary participation
  • If the client is interested in MHIPS as a condition of the bond we will provide appropriate supervision, services and referrals.
  • Crisis intervention and short term therapy, medication monitoring, drop ins if needed, face to face meetings with their case manager
  • MHIPS staff will make appropriate referral to services, internal and external, to include mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, medication, housing, employment and basic needs.
  • MHIPS staff will discuss cases on an ongoing basis.
  • MHIPS staff will make referrals to community services to aid the client in developing independence and community support.
  • MHIPS Case Managers will provide monitoring and supervision as defined by the conditions of the bond and client needs.
  • Referral to or providing in house services including individual therapy, group therapy, medication administration, medical support regarding psychiatric medications and a supportive, challenging, supervised environment will be available to all participants.
  • MHIPS will also serve as a major referral source to the AIIM Program (Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental health needs).

Contact MHIPS Program

Phone:  (970) 980-2600, option 6
Fax: (970) 980-2610