Important Notice of Program Changes at ASD:

The continued health and safety of our staff, clients, and the public is our highest priority.  During this time, the following Program Changes are in place for Alternative Sentencing (ASD):

1.  Changes to Pretrial Services:  Due to COVID-19, Pretrial Services Supervision Unit is limiting walk-in traffic into the office.  Visit the Pretrial Services Supervision - First Contact on ways to report or call (970) 980-2600, option 6, to speak with a Pretrial staff member and discuss next steps.   
2.  Changes to Work Release:  The Work Release program is open. Please visit the Work Release webpage for more information.
3.  Changes to Community Service:  The Community Service program is open.  Please visit the Community Service webpage for more information.  
4.  Changes to Work Crews:  The Workender and Midweek programs are open.   Please visit the Midweeks and Workenders webpage for more information.  
5.  Changes to all Voluntarily-Attended Programs (including Volunteers & Interns working in Voluntarily-Attended Programs):  Programs are currently suspended. 
6.  The Day Reporting Center is open. Please visit the DRC webpage for more information.  
****Updated 1/19/2021 at 6:00 am***

**Please continue to check this webpage for updates** 

Pretrial Services is a Larimer County program that provides the court with information to determine the level of pretrial release supervision and bond conditions for defendants.  Pretrial Services promotes community safety and return to court while honoring the constitutional presumption of innocence.

The Community Service program (also known as Useful Public Service, UPS) is focused on serving Larimer County’s Criminal Justice system, while benefiting the Larimer County community.  The UPS program assigns sentenced offenders to perform service at approved non-profit and tax-supported agencies.

Electronic Home Detention is a program for people to serve their jail sentence at home with managed access to employment and the community. 

The Midweek and Workender programs are an alternative to serving straight jail time.  Each offender is assigned to a work crew to provide labor for non-profit, tax supported or charitable organizations in Larimer County.

Work Release is a Larimer County program for offenders to serve their jail sentence while living in a residential facility with managed access to employment and the community.  The program allows the opportunity for offenders to aid in the support of dependents and to pay court ordered restitution and outside financial obligations while maintaining employment.