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Alternative Sentencing Department

ASD supervises people completing court-required alternative jail programs

  • Alternative Sentencing programs cost an estimated $40 a day per person, whereas incarceration at the County Jail is estimated at $118 a day per person.
  • In 2017, the Workender and Midweek work crews completed nearly 38,000 hours of service to 501c3 non-profit and tax-supported agencies in Larimer County, saving the community over $353,000 in labor costs.
  • For the Community Service program in 2016, offenders performed 116,820 hours of court-ordered service in Larimer County, saving the community over $970,000 in labor costs.

Our program coordinates services for victims of CJSD-supervised offenders.  One of the most common services is notification of offender status/critical stage changes for victims who have enrolled in our notification program.  Victim Services will also facilitate opportunities for victims to provide input to the screening process for offenders considered for acceptance into Community Corrections.  Additionally, our program assists in meeting the needs of offenders who are victims of a separate crime.  Our Victim Services program provides counseling, support, advocacy and information to victims, as well as any needed referrals for outside services.  Visit our Victim Services page for more information.

For information on the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), ASD's commitment to zero tolerance of harassment and abuse, and options for reporting incidents/concerns, please visit our PREA Information & Reporting page.

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Contact Alternative Sentencing Department

Address 2307 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Main (970) 980-2600
Pretrial Supervision - Case Managers (970) 980-2600, option 6
Pretrial Jail Intake (970) 498-7550
Work Release (970) 980-2640
Electronic Home Detention (970) 980-2680
Workenders (970) 980-2652
Midweeks (970) 980-2651
Community Service (970) 980-2600, option 3
Jill Fox, Department Director (970) 980-2670