Credentials for post-fire re-entry to areas impacted by fire activity:

The Cameron Peak Fire is still evolving, and we want to take every precaution we can to keep our communities safe.  While we hope no additional evacuations are needed, we are implementing plans to be as prepared as possible and will issue credentials as appropriate.

Purpose of credentials:  

We know from past experience that credentials speed up the process of post-fire re-entry when large numbers of residents are returning to their homes/property in areas impacted by fire activity.  That said, credentials are not required for day to day access to your property as long as you can show proof of residency/ownership during fire operations.  Credentials will speed up the process for post-fire access to closed areas for damage assessments, to enter donation centers, and to gain entry to meetings or briefings specific to areas affected by the fire. 

These are physical credentials and cannot be mailed or sent electronically.  This is to help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your property.

Only one credential will be issued per household/property.  We believe this will allow for better accountability and help safeguard your property. It is also extremely important to limit access into hazard areas until the areas are safe for re-entry. 

Who can/should get credentials:

Credentials will only be issued to residents and property owners from current mandatory evacuation areas.

To verify if you are in one of the current mandatory evacuation areas, visit and follow the directions in red just above the map to search for your address. 

Credentials are not being offered for any other areas at this time, but check back often for updates.

If you do not live nearby but own a home/property in the areas listed above, you do not have to travel to Larimer County to get a credential.  See the “Those who cannot appear in person to receive a credential” section below.

When / Where:

We have been issuing credentials on a proactive basis due to the fact that it can be harder to connect with folks once they have left the area. Credentials also helped to speed up the process for people accessing the area if it was safe to do so.

However, due to the extent of people impacted by evacuations in Larimer County at this time, it is no longer feasible to issue credentials in this way. The true intent of the credential is for use when we conduct re-entry operations (which is a time in which residents are allowed temporarily into the area after the fire has moved through to conduct assessments with insurance providers. If people need to access the area, and it is being allowed at the time and is safe to do so, people will still be able to access their property if they have documentation that proves proof of ownership.

We ask that they call (970) 980-2500 to find out whether access is being provided prior to traveling to a check point. 

We are working on standing up additional credentialing opportunities for areas that will need them when we can next week

What you need to bring:

To show proof of residency and/or ownership, you will need to present one of the following to receive credentials:

  • Government issued photo ID with an address inside the affected area
  • Copy of a current utility bill with your name and address inside the affected area plus a government issued photo ID
  • Larimer County Assessor record of property ownership inside the affected area plus a government issued photo ID
  • Rental agreement/lease with you name and address inside the affected area plus a government issued photo ID
  • If you do not have the above documentation, bring what you can to prove who you are and where you live/own property.  We will work with you to meet the requirements to receive a credential

Those who cannot appear in person to receive a credential:

If you do not live nearby and have no plan to access your property during a time when evacuations are in place, you do not need to do anything.  If you change your mind, you will need to show proof of residency and/or ownership (see “What you need to bring” section above) to access your property.

If you own a home/property in these areas, but do not live nearby and would like a trusted friend or relative to access your property:

  • Email
    • Include your name, contact information, and address of your property in the affected area
    • Include the name and contact information of the person you authorize to check your property
  • Your trusted person will need to appear in person with a copy of one of the forms of documentation to prove ownership of property (see “What you need to bring” section above) to receive a physical credential after your request has been approved
  • After approval, instructions will be provided explaining how your trusted person will obtain the credential

Things to keep in mind:

For those already in evacuation areas and those who live in areas that may be evacuated if the need arises, please keep in mind that evacuations may be in place for a long period of time.  You should take this into consideration as you prepare.  Evacuations in your area may also mean loss of electricity while you are away from your home. Food in refrigerators/freezers will spoil and attract wildlife to (and possibly inside) your home.

Additional tips to consider ahead of evacuation notifications:

  • Have medications and essential needs packed and ready to go
  • If you think you will need assistance evacuating, call 970-498-7120 now so that we can help you make a plan
  • If you do not feel safe, you do not need to wait for an evacuation order to leave.  Your life is your most important asset
  • If you are evacuated, drive carefully, and obey regular traffic laws
  • Do not drive through flames or thick smoke
  • If you have to evacuate but you do not have a place to go for shelter, please contact the Larimer OEM On-call Line at (970) 498-7120 to determine options. 

If you have additional questions, please call 970-498-5855.  We are answering questions as fast as we can and you may need to leave a voicemail message.  Messages are being checked between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.