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See below for requirements for submitting plot plans for a building permit application for any residential or accessory structure.

Two complete sets of plans plus a minimum of five plot plans shall be submitted with each application for a permit that involves proposed new construction, additions to existing structures, or any alterations other than interior remodel. One set of plans remains on file, while the other set is returned to the customer to keep on the job for subcontractors and inspectors use.

A plot plan fee and initial plan review fee are collected at time of submittal and is non refundable. All remaining fees are due at permit issuance.

For further questions regarding fees, contact the Building Permit Technicians at 498-7700.

It takes approximately 10-20 working days for review of a building permit depending on the type of application. During busy times, this may take longer. We will call to inform you of the status of your permit after plan review is complete with the amount due on the permit.


Submission Requirements

  1. (5) Plot plans of entire parcel, DRAWN TO SCALE. (Ariel or Satellite images will NOT be accepted.)
    1. Show all dimensions of all property lines.
    2. Identify scale used. Minimum scale is 1 inch = 20 feet or 1/16 inch = one foot. For large parcels, a vicinity map accompanied by an enlargement of the construction site will be acceptable (maximum size paper that will be accepted is 24" x 30").
    3. North direction identified.
    4. Easements for utilities and/or access. Overhead utility easements -you are responsible for knowing where these are even if they are not on your plot plan.
    5. Name of all adjacent roads and location of driveway.
    6. Vehicle parking areas identified.
    7. Section, township, and range.
    8. Subdivision name, lot, block, and filing number, if applicable.
    9. Property owner's name.
    10. All existing structures shown and labeled as to their use and the location of the proposed structure.
    11. The proposed structure including distance from the proposed structure to ALL property lines and to the centerline of all adjacent roads. If an existing structure straddles the property line, it must be shown on the plot plan.
    12. Location of any stream, creek, river, irrigation ditch, lake, or other body of water within 100 feet of the structure. Note distance from structure to water.
    13. If the property is in a Flood Plain, a grading and drainage plan must be submitted with the permit application. Applicants who suspect they may be building in a Flood Plain, should contact Ed Woodward at 498-5705.
    14. Must show bay windows, window wells and any other architectural appendage with distance to property lines.
  2. Topography Requirement of Steep Terrain
    1. Slope Profile Option: you are required to show the slope profile for a distance of 50 feet on either side of the building.
    2. Corner Elevation Option: Include the elevations of the corners of your building on the plot plan.

Staff may deem incomplete any residential plot plan that does not meet the above minimum requirements. If additions or corrections are required to the plot plan, the applicant and/or owner will be contacted and requested to submit a revised plot plan, or modify the original plot plan as necessary. This will delay the review of the permit.