Two Complete Sets of Plans and Four Plot Plans Must Be Submitted With application.

  1. Plot Plan of Total Parcel DRAWN TO SCALE
    1. Show all dimensions of all property lines.
    2. Identify scale used. Minimum scale is 1 inch = 20 feet or 1/16 inch = 1 foot
    3. North direction identified.
    4. All easements (e.g. utilities, access, etc.)
    5. Name of all adjacent roads, and show driveway locations.
    6. Section, Township, and Range.
    7. Subdivision name, lot and block number, and filling number.
    8. Owner's name, address, parcel number, and phone number.
    9. All existing structures are shown and labeled as to their location and use, and the proposed structure.
    10. The distance from the proposed structure to ALL property lines and to the centerline of all adjacent roadways. If an existing structure straddles the property line, it must be shown on the plot plan.
    11. Location of any stream, lake, or body of water within 100 feet of the structure, note distance from structure to the centerline of the stream.
  2. Floor Plan & Exterior Elevation
    1. Submit plans.
    2. No deviation allowed for depth of building, 12 feet.
    3. Width of building may deviate in 12-foot increments.
  3. Inspections Required:
    1. Setback and Hole Inspection: Called for after holes are dug but before concrete punch pads are poured. Plans and cards need to be on-site at time of all inspections.
    2. Framing Inspection: Called for after building is up and before any insulation or interior covering is installed. May be final also if no further work is being done.
    3. Final Inspection: Called for after all work is completed, such as insulation, concrete slab, electrical, plumbing, heating, and/or sheetrock.

Diagrams of Typical Loafing Shed