The Larimer County Building Division has partnered with the Carbon Neutral Group to produce a series of informational powerpoints on topics including energy codes, air tightness, ventilation, wall assemblies, windows, insulation, ductwork, and HVAC design. We call these educational offerings "Building Science Boot Camp." We hope you find them as useful as our staff did, when we used them for internal training.
  1. Air Tightness and Energy Codes
  2. Log Cabin and Timberframe Air-Leakage
  3. Attic Temperatures and Ventilation
  4. Key Window Concepts
  5. Better Wall Assemblies
  6. Foundation and Slab Insulation
  7. Alternative Cooling
  8. Ductwork That Delivers
  9. HVAC Design Using Manuals J, D & S
  10. Indoor Air Quality