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Weed District Services

We offer an array of services that are designed to save the county residents time, money and resources. Among the services and programs listed below, we also offer contract services to address each landowner's needs. We have an enterprise group that does our contract work to help us provide services to anyone within Larimer County.

photo of Dew Drop drill

The contract services we offer all include:

  • A free site visit as well as estimates
  • Mowing
  • Spraying
  • Seeding
  • Noxious tree and noxious weed treatments

As a new service to the residents of Larimer County, the Weed District now offers a variety of seeders and a hydromulcher. One is our Great Plains drill (for larger seeding jobs) and the other is a Dew Drop drill made available through an understanding between the Fort Collins Conservation District and the Weed District. The understanding is basically that the Larimer County Weed District will operate this drill to seed for landowners.

Customers do not pick up and use drills, however they still must contact the Weed District to set up an appointment for a site visit.

Also, the Dew Drop drill is not practical for use on larger acreages (more than an acre), but it is most useful for areas too confined or hilly for a full-size drill. The Dew Drop drill was purchased and made available to the public by the Fort Collins Conservation District. They also have available whirly-bird seeders for check out and use. These are for small seeding projects that do not require a drill or for areas that are difficult to get to with equipment. Please contact the Weed District to reserve the whirly-bird seeders.

photo of ATV sprayers photo of Great Plains drill photo of mower


Each of the following links offers thorough explanations of the programs that the Weed District offers and helpful information such as the Weed District boundary and a sprayer calibration guide. These programs are offered to help educate and give the most cost effective solutions to your land management issues. Please don't hesitate to contact us at (970) 498-5768 to make an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns.

Weed District Boundary

Program Presentations

Cost-Share Programs

Site Visits

Do Not Spray Requests

Article on Weed District services

Herbicide Sprayer Calibration

Weed Management Reference Guide for Larimer County

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