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Todd Blomstrom
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Todd Blomstrom
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Public Works

The Larimer County Public Works Division is comprised of five departments that plan, design, construct, manage, operate and maintain the essential infrastructure in the County.

Hot Topics

Road Information Locator
The Road Information Locator is a software application that gives you the ability to view the county's roadway assets using a map (road ownership, road maintenance, signs, culverts, traffic count information, crash information, plus much more).

Flood Recovery – Roads and Bridges

Flooding in September, 2013 impacted thousands of County residents. A major contributor to that impact was the devastating damage to much of the County road system. Temporary emergency repairs to reestablish access to properties in the affected areas have been completed and plans for permanent repairs are underway. Project construction reports are updated regularly.

    Annual Reports

    For a quick and colorful overview of the Public Works department, and their work, check out each of their annual reports.

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    Point to each of the departments to learn more.


    Engineering plans, designs, and manages construction for infrastructure improvements to roads, bridges, and drainage.

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    Natural Resources

    Natural Resources manages open spaces, recreation areas, and responsible land stewardship.

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    Road and Bridge

    Road and Bridge develops and delivers innovative roadway and drainage structure maintenance and improvement.

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    Solid Waste

    Solid Waste operates the landfill and manages recycling, hazardous waste, and education programs.

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    The Ranch

    The Ranch is Northern Colorado's state-of-the-art trade show, conference, livestock, and outdoor festival venue.

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