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Parks Master Plan & Reservoirs Resource Management Plan

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Parks Advisory Board Meeting Minutes & Agenda

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Final Plans Available for Review

The final versions of the plans are now available for public review. These plans have been adopted by the Larimer County Planning Commission, the Larimer County Board of Commissioners, the Parks Master Plan Task Force, the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources / Parks and Open Lands; and the Bureau of Reclamation. These new plans set the future direction for the Larimer County park system, including Horsetooth, Carter, Flatiron and Pinewood Reservoirs; as well as other parks managed by Larimer County.

The PDF documents can be downloaded as one entire document or by chapter. We recommend that you download rather than try to open the document from the webpage. These files have been compressed to reduce their file size.


Your county parks at Pinewood, Flatiron, Carter, and Horsetooth reservoirs are about to get a recreation face lift.

The new Master Plan will set the future direction for the Larimer County park system. Horsetooth, Carter, Flatiron and Pinewood Reservoirs will also have a new Resource Management Plan. Two different plans, one by County Parks and the other by Reclamation, will provide future guidance for the management and provision of recreation facilities for the reservoirs and other County Parks.

The Resource Management Plan and EA

The Bureau of Reclamation owns Horsetooth, Carter, Flatiron and Pinewood Reservoirs as part of its Colorado-Big Thompson water diversion and storage project. Larimer County Parks and Open Lands has been the recreation management partner at these four reservoirs since 1954.

A Resource Management Plan, or "RMP," provides the guidelines for how Larimer County Parks and Open Lands will develop and implement recreation opportunities. Larimer County Parks and Open Lands will use the RMP to guide implementation of reservoir improvements and resource management within the framework of the Parks Master Plan.

Parks Master Plan

The Larimer County Comprehensive Parks Master Plan will address all park properties as well as the reservoirs (also covered by the Resource Management Plan). This plan will guide the Department for the next ten years in conserving and developing the County's important natural, cultural and recreational resources, and effectively meeting the recreation demands of park visitors and county residents. The plan will provide a focused direction that is in harmony with the Larimer County Vision Statements; and identify priority projects and specific strategies to accomplish the vision.

This plan does not address Larimer County open lands or trails. A separate Open Lands Master Plan was prepared in 2015 and is available online. A management plan recently prepared for Horsetooth Mountain Park will be incorporated into the master plan.

Other Information

Contact Information

For questions about the RMP/EA, Bureau of Reclamation, or Colorado-Big Thompson Project, please contact Kara Lamb at either (970) 962-4326 or

Parks Master Plan: Comments and questions about the Parks Master Plan may be submitted via e-mail.

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Reservoir Photos

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Carter Lake

Flatiron Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir

Pinewood Reservoir

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