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News Release

Larimer County Natural Resources applauds Loveland Fishing Club's donation of life jackets to hand out to visitors

Department: Natural Resources
Release Date: Jul 22, 2014

Contact Information:

Mark Caughlan, Horsetooth District Manager, (970) 498-5600

 The Loveland Fishing Club has generously donated life jackets secured with funds from Panther Martin-Harrison Hoge Industries to Larimer County Natural Resources (LCNR) to hand out to boaters in need. 

Life jackets are the most basic piece of safety equipment that everyone in the boat should have while they spend time on the water. “People need to think of life jackets just like a seat belt,” said Mark Caughlan, Horsetooth District Manager for LCNR. “We recommend people wear them at all times when they are boating, regardless of their swimming ability. PFDs save lives. This is a critical issue for us especially considering that the second leading cause of death in children under 12 in the U.S. is non-accident related drowning.”
LCNR loans out life jackets to visitors who forget to bring them at all boat ramps at Carter Lake Reservoir County Park and Horsetooth Reservoir County Park. The Adult XS PFDs donated by the Loveland Fishing Club however will be given out to people who don’t own a PFD or need a replacement and should fit most children and some adults.
Children under the age of 13 are required by state law to wear an appropriately sized, US Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times while boating. There must also be a life jacket available for everyone in the boat over the age of 13, and visitors should keep in mind that the best life jacket is the one that you are wearing when you need it. It is critical that boaters take responsibility for properly equipping everyone on their boat with a PFD. This program is meant to address the occasional forgotten life jacket or supplement worn out or inadequate PFDs.   
Boaters who forget to bring enough PFDs or find themselves in need of a replacement can tell the aquatic nuisance species inspectors or volunteers at any ramp that they are in need.  For more information about the Loveland Fishing Club visit their website:
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