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News Release

Larimer Flood Recovery: 1-Page Reconstruction Updates Inform Neighborhoods

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Jul 16, 2014

Contact Information:

CONTACT: Erin Mihlbachler, Larimer County Engineering, 970-498-5732,
FROM:Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150,

To date, four, new, one-page Reconstruction Updates have been produced by Larimer County Engineering to update residents in and around Pinewood Springs, County Road 43 (Drake to Glen Haven), the Buckhorn Canyon Road, and Big Elk Meadows. Larimer County Engineering created the newsletter-like product for road and bridge reconstruction and repair projects in flood- impacted areas.  The newsletters will assist residents that live near or have property on the roads and bridges being reconstructed or repaired in understanding the timelines of when construction begins and ends and what kind of work is being done.

Erin Mihlbachler, Larimer County Engineering, who produced the Reconstruction Updates says other information will be included when pertinent, “Some of the Updates provide other important dates such as when construction bids are going out or when a project will be finished with the design process.” Mihlbachler says the Department is using a variety of ways to get the Reconstruction Updates to area residents and fire departments/districts. The Updates are also available on the Larimer County Engineering page at: and the Flood Recovery page,, under Roads and Construction.
Larimer County wants to provide people with important information for their areas and believes the Reconstruction Updates will make good inroads in doing that. Expected by the end of July are Updates for the County Road 44H area as well as the Blue Mountain and Stagecoach areas. 
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