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Eligible Flood Debris on County right-of-ways

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Department: Solid Waste
Release Date: Feb 14, 2014

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Larimer County is doing all that we can to ensure every measure is explored to assist the community through the flood recovery. In order to ensure appropriate disaster reimbursement requirements are met, we must follow all local, state, and federal laws and guidelines. Flood related debris that is placed on the County right-of-way by a paid contractor, becomes ineligible for pickup per FEMA qualifications.  Additionally, if a resident hires a private contractor to remove their debris, it is the contractor's responsibility to haul and dispose of the debris properly. If the property owner has utilized volunteer and charity labor organizations to clean up the debris on their property, or they have done the clean up themselves, the flood related debris WILL be eligible for FREE pick-up on the county right-of-ways.  This statement of FEMA qualifications will be strictly enforced.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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