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2014 Sheriff's Awards

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Department: Sheriff
Release Date: Jan 28, 2014

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Larimer County Sheriff's Office
John Schulz, Public Information Officer

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office annual award ceremony held last night, January 27th, was highlighted with several lifesaving awards, two medal of valor awards and numerous awards for action above and beyond the call of duty during the devastating 2013 flood. Sheriff Justin Smith and Undersheriff Bill Nelson were unexpectedly presented Distinguished Service awards by the Command Staff for their sustained leadership during the fires and the flood.
Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told the award recipients, " I am so proud of what you did for the citizens of Larimer County. When night is at its darkest, the stars shine the brightest. For thousands, this disaster represented utter darkness and you were their stars! You truly are the Guardians of the County!
The following awards were presented: 
Lifesaving Award: Granted to an employee who takes direct action and saves the life of another person who would have died if immediate action had not been taken.
Deputy Chriss Hebbeler
Officer Vic Wilcox
Director Gary Buffington       
Officer Dan Rieves     
Officer Steve Gibson
Deputy Cheryl Jacobs
Deputy Donnie Robbins
Deputy Ryan Greene  
Deputy Drew Weber
Deputy Shane Stephenson (2 awards) 
Meritorious Service Award: Awarded for a specific incident or accomplishment which an employee performed in an outstanding manner, resulting in positive recognition for the employee and the agency.
Deputy Dave Feyen    
Corporal Josh Prehm
Deputy Derek Signorelli
Posse Deputy Howell Wright
Deputy Thomas Hagerman       
Sergeant Jeff Vanhook
Sergeant Brad Harkin  
Sergeant Mark Hertz
Deputy Harvey Hildreth         
Lieutenant Michael Esters
Distinguished Service Award: Awarded to an employee for sustained superior performance, over and above their normal duties, that was extremely beneficial to the community and reflected positively on the agency.
Barbara Bennett
Corporal Julie Berney
Deputy Robert Hendrie
Reserve Deputy Mike Sanders
Sheriff Justin Smith
Undersheriff Bill Nelson
Medal of Valor: Awarded for exceptional bravery, above and beyond the call of duty, at serious risk of life or serious bodily injury.
Deputy Shane Clymer
Deputy James Westerfield
Unit Commendation: Awarded to an entire division, section, unit, or platoon to recognize an outstanding job or accomplishment by a team of individuals.
H., I., & N., Jail Squads
Criminal Impact Unit
Sheriff's Auxiliary Unit
Communications Unit
Larimer County Dive Team
Emergency Services Support Group
ES Fuels & Initial Attack Crew
TouchPay Implementation Team
Jail Division
Victim Response Team
Patrol Reserve Unit
Posse Unit
Larimer County Search & Rescue
Sheriff's Commendation: Awarded for job performance which is beyond what is normally expected of an employee or volunteer.
Deputy James Barker  
Deputy Eric Ransom
Cheryl Brinker
Corporal Paul Sims 
Deputy Dave Feyen    
Sergeant Ian Stewart
Deputy Joe Pugliese    
Sergeant Jeff Vanhook
Meritorious Service Award - Larimer County 2013 Flood: Awarded for actions during the Larimer County 2013 Flood in which an employee performed in an outstanding manner, resulting in positive recognition for the employee and the agency.
Corporal Ryan Alberts
Sergeant James Anderson
Sergeant Gerry Baker
Sergeant Josh Bellendir
Sergeant Tommy Berglund
Lieutenant Mike Brooks
Corporal Mike Byers
Exec. Officer Nick Christensen
Sergeant Mark Clancy
Captain Bob Coleman
Lieutenant Robert Cook
Lieutenant Jim Disner
Corporal Josh Fast
Deputy Dave Feyen
Sergeant John Feyen
Corporal Dan Gilliam
Deputy Ryan Greene
Sergeant Brad Harkin
Deputy Jason Hart
Sergeant Mark Hertz
Corporal Ben Hess
Jennifer Hillmann
Corporal Jacki Hurley
Sergeant Kevin Johnston
Lieutenant Andy Josey
Deputy Travis Kerr
Lieutenant Mike Loberg
Captain John Manago
Deputy Pete Mesecher
Sergeant Bobby Moll
Deputy Ryan Myatt
Deputy Jack Newton
Erik Nilsson
Deputy Carl O'Neill
Captain Tim Palmer
Sergeant Scott Prevost
Sergeant James Ramirez
Deputy Tyson Russell
Sergeant Rafael Sanchez
Officer Bill Schultze
John Schulz
Corporal Rita Servin
Lieutenant Staci Shaffer
Deputy Scott Shellhaas
Sergeant Joe Shellhammer
Tony Simons
Deputy Jamie Smith
Sergeant Aaron Smoyer
Deputy Shane Stephenson
Sergeant Ian Stewart
Sergeant Tim Sullivan
Sergeant Jeff Vanhook
Corporal Ricky Wages
Corporal Brian Wangler
Deputy Drew Weber
Deputy Chris Wenrick
Justin Whitesell
Corporal James Woods
Sheriff's Commendation for Larimer County 2013 Flood: Awarded for job performance during the Larimer County 2013 Flood which is beyond what is normally expected of an employee or volunteer.
Corporal Jeff Armentrout
Deputy Justin Atwood
Corporal Troy Badberg
Beth Baker
Corporal Brian Barrett
Steven Bebell
Deputy Peter Behrmann
Corporal Julie Berney
Deputy Barb Bowman
Deputy Darren Brand
Deputy Evan Brush
Frank Buck
Deputy Justin Burch
Susanne Byers
Deputy Justin Calkins
Corporal Matt Cherry
Deputy Shane Clymer
Deputy Jeremy Coleman
Ken Connell
Vicky Connell
Corporal Jonathan Cox
Deputy Clay Cross
Deputy Kandis Dacus
Deputy Chris Dewbre
Patty Diedrich
Deputy Russell Downing
Deputy Todd Ediger
Deputy Al Eihausen
Deputy Earl Fawcett
Sergeant Tim Fox
Deputy Billy Gentry
Deputy Chris Gilliland
Sergeant Cindy Gordon
Deputy Zachary Graham
Corporal Bryce Griffin
Deputy Mike Gurwin
Deputy Thomas Hagerman
Deputy Nicholas Hanson
Sergeant John Hartecker
Deputy Mark Hecker
Deputy Robert Hendrie
Deputy Harvey Hildreth
Corporal Aaron Horwitz
Deputy Aaron Hulme
Deputy Cheryl Jacobs
Jennifer Johnson
Kristi Jauken
Deputy Dean Karges
Deputy Kevin Kingston
Deputy Jim Lafferty
Deputy Patricia Lewis
Monica Lira
Deputy Travis Martin
Corporal Travis Matkin
Corporal Kevin Maul
Deputy Chad McGuire
Deputy Kathleen Messick
Dave Mosier
Deputy Brian Nowling
Brandon Ohrns
Mark Olson
Stacey Patrick
Melissa Persing
Deputy Mark Phipps
Sergeant Mike Rairdon
Corporal Eric Reifschneider
Deputy Nancy Remington
Deputy Mark Richins
Deputy Donnie Robbins
Deputy Sam Roth
Sergeant Rick Russell,
Deb Ruybal
Deputy Eric Schultz
Deputy Josh Sheldon
Deputy Derek Signorelli
Corporal Paul Sims
Deputy Doug Sloat
Tere Thomas
Sergeant Marc Weber
Deputy James Westerfield
Deputy Steve Wicker
Deputy Justin Williamson
Deputy Toby Williamson
Deputy Ted Wilson
Deputy Robert Yone
Deputy Natasha York
Lesley Youngson 
Larimer County 2013 Flood Special Thanks
Larimer County Road & Bridge
Poudre School District
Alternative Sentencing Department
Colorado National Guard
Poudre Fire Authority
Colorado Department of Transportation
Colorado State Patrol
American Red Cross
Larimer County Fairgrounds
Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department
Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District
Estes Valley Fire Protection District
Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department
Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District
Big Elk Meadows Volunteer Fire Department
Lyons Fire Protection District
Loveland Fire Rescue Authority
Big Thompson Volunteer Fire Department
Allenspark Fire Protection District
U.S. Forest Service Roosevelt Hotshots
2013 Promotions
Kandace Wulfert - Corporal
Joshua Prehm - Corporal
James Ramirez - Sergeant
Brian Barrett - Corporal
Maggie Hazelhurst - Sr. Services Tech
Amanda Pitts- Sr. Records Tech
John Harteker- Sergeant
Paul Sims - Corporal 
2013 Longevity Recognition
Brian Ficker - 30 yrs.
Tim Palmer - 30 yrs.
Robert Cook - 25 yrs.
Jonathan Cox - 25 yrs.
Cathy Davis - 25 yrs.
Michael Rairdon - 25 yrs.
James Woods - 25 yrs.
Carl O'Neill - 20 yrs.
Scott Prevost - 20 yrs.
Diane Webber - 20 yrs.
Ted Wilson - 20 yrs.
Lesley Youngson - 20 yr
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