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News Release

Larimer County issues 1st Certificate of Occupancy for High Park Fire Area Home - (small correction in bold/italic)

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Dec 20, 2012

Contact Information:

CONTACT: Suzanne Bassinger, LC Recovery Manager, 970-498-0748,
Eric Fried, LC Chief Building Official, 970-498-7705,
FROM: Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150

Baker's New Home


Six months after the High Park Fire burned 259 homes, Donna and Ira Baker are the first High Park fire survivors to receive a Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) from Larimer County’s Planning and Building Services for their new home on Davis Ranch Road in Rist Canyon, built by Ric Forest of Red Stone Canyon.  The Baker’s was the 2nd permit issued to re-build. To date 29 permits for replacement homes have been issued in the High Park fire burn area which represents 15% of the 259 homes lost. For Estes Park, the County has issued 8 permits for replacement homes, 44% of the 25 homes lost there.
Last week Larimer County showed appreciation for the 400 + people who attended the ‘Lighting Community Spirit’ event at The Ranch. ‘Thank You’s’ were bestowed on those who were first responders and those supporting that effort in a multitude of ways,  those who served at the Disaster Recovery Center, agencies and individuals with the State and Federal Government, political representatives, those who supported the multiple evacuation efforts and evacuation centers, the Distribution Center, those who did damage assessments like the BAER Team (Burned Area Emergency Response), Debris Removal assistance and information, watershed assistance and information, reconstruction efforts for roads and bridges, rebuilding coalitions, and the long-term recovery groups that are still busy providing a variety of assistance for fire survivors. All were given a medallion especially designed for the event under the direction of Larimer County’s Recovery Manager Suzanne Bassinger and commemorating both the High Park and Woodland Heights fires. 
Bassinger is ‘very heartened’ to see the devastation and shock giving way to the hopeful recovery taking place due to actions of all the organizations and individuals in our communities, “It is truly a very bright spot on the horizon, and I am continually inspired by the generosity and commitment of our community.
Re-seeding efforts have been astounding, we have the 1st C.O., we’re finding trailers and other living accommodations for those still on their land who lost their homes, we’re putting in culverts to mitigate potential flooding during he spring run-off, the water shed is being protected, and a whole lot more has and is being done. There is still a lot to do and a lot of fire survivors who still need assistance in a variety of ways. We have the 6th Road Map to Recovery workshop with United Policyholders on January 15 to provide more understanding on insurance matters, we have the Long-Term Recovery Group doing all they can and we’ll just keep moving forward as our communities heal from these events.” #####
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