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OASIS Mentoring Program

The OASIS Mentoring Program is designed to match appropriate adult mentors as positive role-models, with school age youth who are in the child protection system and/or at-risk; in order to promote positive youth development.

Once carefully screened and matched, OASIS Mentors typically meet once a week with their Mentee for 2 or 3 hours, for at least a year. Nationally, Mentoring Programs greatly impact young people's lives and have proven to:

  • increase self-esteem
  • enhance family & peer relationships
  • prevent gang affiliation
  • lower the risk of teen suicide
  • decrease violence in schools and neighborhoods
  • lower their involvement in the criminal justice system
  • prevent drug & alcohol abuse
  • help lower teen pregnancies
  • promote positive behaviors and life choices
  • improve school performance
  • improve their overall outlook on life
  • help them learn important life skills
  • help them become successful, contributing members of their communities

Every child deserves a safe place to be and a friend who looks out for their best interest. Our children and youth face many obstacles and may come from diverse, chaotic and unhealthy environments. Rarely do they have consistent, caring adult friends who don't expect a lot in return. They look forward to getting a real mentor who simply hangs out with them after school or takes them on outings on a weekend day, and becomes someone they can truly rely on to be there consistently. Often just having someone who listens to them can change their negative outlook and encourages healthy choices and alternatives to risky behavior.

The OASIS Volunteer Coordinator provides orientation, training and ongoing support, including several free activities a month to the pair so that volunteers do not have to spend a lot on activities. Our goal is that the relationship will be rewarding and productive for both the adult mentor and the child, and that it will continue, if possible, long after we at the Children, Youth & Family Division, are involved in their lives.

Mentor Communication Sheet

OASIS Mentoring Program Questions & Answers

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