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Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Program

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The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment's Emergency Preparedness and Response Program (EPR) leads efforts in preventing, responding to, and recovering from emergencies that impact public health. These emergencies can be natural (wildfires, blizzards, flooding, or a disease outbreak such as pandemic influenza, West Nile virus, or meningococcal disease) or manmade (acts of terrorism or hazardous materials spill).

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The Health Department's EPR staff increases preparedness within the department and the community by planning for public health emergencies, providing training and exercises, and educating the public. The EPR Program also collaborates with the County's Emergency Management Unit, and other local, state, federal, and non-profit agencies to prepare and respond to a wide range of emergency events in Larimer County.

Flooding and Health

Health and safety after the storm
Food and water safety
Mental health
Mold and mildew
Worker safety

Wildfires: Be Prepared

Wildfires and your health

Wildfires may increase your susceptibility to respiratory difficulties. There are things you can do to decrease risk of that happening.

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Preparing for evacuation

Anyone in Larimer County might be asked to evacuate their homes for a fire or an emergency at any time. Are you prepared? Here are some checklists so that you can be ready BEFORE you need to leave your home.

Returning home after the fire: health tips
CSU Extension wildfire resources

Other Information

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer (CVM) – CVM maintains a list of individuals who are interested in volunteering in the event of an accidental or intentional emergency, or other public or health care disaster.
  • – Statewide volunteer opportunities (both during an emergency and ongoing)

Emergency Preparedness and Response Resources

Information on emergency events in Larimer County
Assistance in Larimer County during an emergency or outbreak
Personal and family preparedness and planning
Information for kids
  • FEMA Ready Kids – Meet the mountain lion family as they prepare their home and family for emergencies. Join them through games, checklists, crosswords, a scavenger hunt, and other ways that make planning fun. Grover and Sesame Street Friends are also there to help you prepare.
  • CDC Prepare Kids - The page provides information on how to help kids cope with disaster or get back to school after a disaster.

Diseases and Outbreaks

Natural Disasters/Emergencies (Floods, Wildfires, Tornadoes, Blizzards/Winter Storms, etc.)

Man-Made Disasters/Terrorism



Janelle Henderson
LCDHE Emergency and Preparedness and Response Grant Coordinator
(970) 498-6739

Kim Meyer-Lee
Northeast Region Epidemiologist
(970) 498-6786

Katie O'Donnell
Public Information Officer
(970) 498-6750

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