Holiday Fog in Larimer County

Drinking Water

Our mission is to assure that the drinking water provided to the public is safe and free of disease-causing chemicals and organisms.

How to collect a sample of your water for testing

Services Provided:

  • Inspecting and obtaining water samples from small community water systems for bacteriological tests.
  • Arranging lab testing of well-water samples for bacterial contamination.
  • Advising homeowners with poor well-water test results on methods of disinfecting their systems.
  • Monitoring water sample results for large community water systems.
  • Conducting sanitary surveys of small or private water systems.
  • Bacteriological analysis of drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get my water sampled and tested?
    To have your water well or other drinking water tested, contact the Environmental Health Division of the department for a sample bottle. Samples must be taken in a special, treated sample bottle.
  2. What does it cost to have my water system sampled?
    The cost for a water sample laboratory analysis, which will test for the presence of bacteria, is $24.00.
  3. What can the health department do to help with my individual or non-community water system that provides water to the public?
    If you own a business and provide water to the public, your water must meet certain state requirements to insure its potability. Contact the Environmental Health Division of the department. We will inspect your water system and arrange for periodic sampling.
  4. Where do I obtain a permit to drill a well?
    A licensed well driller should be contacted to obtain a permit to drill a well through
    the Colorado Division of Natural Resources:
        1313 Sherman St. Room 818, Denver, CO 80203, Phone: (303) 866-3581
        800 8th Ave., Greeley, CO 80631 (970) 352-8712
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