West Nile Virus 2013

Based on the mosquitoes found in weekly traps, the numbers of mosquitoes that spread West Nile virus are rising rapidly in Fort Collins, Loveland, and adjacent areas. Hot weather and moist conditions can result in explosive growth in mosquito numbers.

As the number of infected mosquitoes grows, so does your risk of being infected with West Nile virus.

Now is the time to avoid exposure to biting mosquitoes and to wear repellent when outdoors!

Current Statistics – 2013

Larimer County
Human cases: 97
Human WNV risk:
WNV-positive mosquito pools: 213
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Past years statistics

Mosquito Control

For information about mosquito control or to report standing water, call:
   Fort Collins - 970-663-5697
   Loveland - 970-962-2583
   Larimer County - 970-498-6797
   Windsor - 970-962-2583
   Johnstown - 970-962-2583

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