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Built Environment

In October of 2016, Larimer County Department of Health and Environment received funding to increase plans and policies that support health in the built environment. The Built Environment program was created to partner, support and lead strategies that impact individual, interpersonal, organizational, community and policy levels to support healthy community design principles and practices. We work with local organizations and community members in Fort Collins, Loveland, and their respective growth management areas, with the goal of increasing residents' opportunities to engage in physical activity.

Part of our focus at the program involves working with community residents and organizations to help mobilize community assets to address infrastructure and policy barriers that determine how easy it is for people to be physically active and to access important services in our community. This might include how we move around our community through access to sidewalks, transit and bike lanes, how we create a healthy and diverse community, how we utilize land, and how we can create an enabling environment that supports healthy living for everyone. Broadly speaking, the purpose is to both empower community members to participate in the public planning process and bring their priorities and needs to the attention of the local government.

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